Journal Entry #21

Journal Entry #21

GDC is taking place in the city and I have not been able to attend as much as I would like this year.  The good news is a number of people from the FineSpline community are in town, and this is my opportunity to meet with them.  When meeting up of course we talked about Twitch and the Sir Barksalot production.  It makes a big difference when you can meet people in person.  The energy that can build up from it is way more than remote communication, and I love when we can all brainstorm and bounce ideas off each other.  This is what I want the community to be like on the live stream.

Director - Sir Barksalot

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  1. Judy 2 years ago

    I dont know how many people from Sir Barksalot are in London (UK) but if there are, why not to meet each other in the name of Sir Barksalot?

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